Internal Communications

Empower your staff through video

Looking to convey your vital messages in a more personal and engaging way internally? Employees becoming immune to walls of text and not absorbing key ideas and communications? Time for a video!

Because by using a professionally created video, you can easily communicate in seconds which otherwise may have taken numerous paragraphs of text to convey. Visual and aural nature of videos also allows you to exude those important non-verbal cues (which make up 90% of our communication) such as facial expressions, posture and tone of voice. This allows you to create engaging and personable content for your audience, and also, we can easily integrate graphics to reinforce and highlight your most important messages more directly.

Furthermore, video messages allows mobile workforce to access key content repeatedly, and this flexibility gives your workforce access to your message from any device, at anytime, and from anywhere. Thus, video is ideal and extremely cost effective way to deliver business updates, induction messages and educational programs. Especially given that our brain processes visual content roughly 60,000 times faster than text.

Types of Videos

  • Induction Training
  • Internal Reports
  • Health & Safety Videos
  • Company Procedures
  • Presentations

Plus many more according to your requirements. Video is the most effective way to communicate with your staff!

Given our years of experience creating internal video communications in-house for one of the largest multinationals in the world, Videobase is best placed to advise and provide you with your visual communications needs. Together we can help you create content that is both engaging and accessible, with the highest of production values that ensure your message is delivered and received with gusto.

When you're looking to take your internal communications to the next level, get in touch and let us create the content that will help your business communicate more effectively.

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